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Animal Bible (play)

A Yeti a wonder some creature of hidden existence from our view. A perfect story for a play bewildering in question of time and place for the Human's it a question of question. A thoughtful play a first time writer of presence in a landscape and wilderness.


Please read and consider the presence and elegance of nature. Enjoy the play as a reader and share the message of Animals and creation.

Buy and download your e-book play below.

Animal Bible: A Playbook by Phillip Chapman

"Animal Bible" is a narrative play by Phillip Chapman that takes place in a fantastical world where animals, mythical creatures like Yetis, and humans coexist and interact in profound ways. The story unfolds against the backdrop of an impending natural disaster, specifically floods and a dam breaking, which threatens the survival of all beings in this universe.

Under the guidance of a Wilderness Spirit, the Yetis embark on a quest to give birth to children who are part human, part Yeti, signifying a new hope for the future. This quest leads them through various challenges, including finding a safe place for childbirth amidst the natural disaster. Along their journey, the Yetis encounter other animals and beings, including a dog, a panda named Papal, and Bigfoot, each offering assistance or blessings for the impending births.


The narrative emphasizes the interconnectedness of all beings, the importance of community in times of crisis, and the birth of new life as a symbol of hope. The Yetis' journey is not just a physical one but also a spiritual quest, guided by the Wilderness Spirit, to ensure the survival and prosperity of their offspring in a changing world.

The play concludes with the Yetis finding a haven for childbirth, the arrival of Bigfoot bearing gifts, and the anticipation of the birth of the new generation. The narrative leaves the reader with a sense of optimism for the future, highlighting the resilience of life and the power of unity in the face of adversity.


In summary, "Animal Bible" by Phillip Chapman is a rich narrative play that explores themes of birth, nature, spirits, and the interconnectedness of beings in a fantastical setting. The story revolves around a Yeti preparing to give birth to human children, guided by a Wilderness Spirit and encountering various creatures like Bigfoot, Panda, and Snowball. The play is filled with imagery, interactions between characters, and mystical elements that shape the storyline

The Animal Bible charity was in mind for years as I developed my mind set I had plans to help animals with a project of “Holiday sanction” to develop a Hotel complex to nurture animals and create a foundation of development for holiday makers and workers frame minds for animals. It's a sanction we all need for the love of animals


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