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About the Pyramid Game

The popular and original pyramid game is played by choosing a first player with a toss of a coin. The first player will take the top piece. The first player chooses the direction for all players. Each player takes a piece and you continue to take a piece or pieces until one player creates a small Pyramid in front of self...


Prepare yourself for an exciting new pyramid game that will test your agility and smart thinking. With the help of this interactive game, players of all ages can put together and join tetrahedron and pyramid pieces to create new structures.

How to Assemble the Pyramid Game

  • First, fold the Pyramids and Tetrahedrons that you’ve die-cut.

  • Apply glue to the folded pieces.

  • The outer layer is made of gloss paper. Apply glue to it carefully.

  • Assemble the Pyramids and Tetrahedrons according to the package instructions.

  • For the Pyramids, apply glue to the four outer lips. For the Tetrahedrons, apply glue to the three outer lips.

  • Lightly smear the glue on the outer lips and wait for it to settle.

  • Hold the lips together for a moment to ensure they stay in place.

  • Constructing the pieces takes time, so be patient.                                             

  • If needed, clean your hands during the assembly process.

Pyramid Game Rules


  • Toss a coin to determine the first player.

  • The first player takes the top piece from the central pyramid.

  • The first player selects the direction for all players.


  • Each player takes a piece from the central pyramid.

  • Continue taking pieces until a player constructs a small pyramid in front of themselves.

  • After a single game, return the pieces to the center pyramid.

  • The last pyramid created wins the next play.

Winner’s Choices

  • The winner chooses the direction and return of either one or two pieces to speed up the game.

  • Creating a small pyramid earns a point.

  • The last player to score decides the next round’s direction.


  • Play continues until one player wins more than four games, as recorded on the score pad.

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Please feel free to leave comments on the website to suggest changes to the game or regulations, and the game owner will take notice of any discrepancies. Please use the website to write. The simplicity of the game allows players of all ages to design and participate. It is, after all, a pyramid game that provides immense delight to those who buy it. The games have straightforward rules, and they will develop in many ways in the future. On the plus side, though, they will naturally establish a framework for diversity, and for good cause. Have fun with the game; it's not scientific; rather, it's a self-contained game.

As a writer of books I developed the ability to judge my own thought after thousands of pages on typewriters. Years later I invented the Pyramid by asking what the missing piece was and after discovering that sand makes glass I thought the project would be to create Glass pyramids in Egypt as a museum for artefacts


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