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Introducing Budo - The Inspiring Figurine

Budo is a unique figurine brought to you by Budobudos. This charming character was inspired by the creator's personal journey in practicing Budo, a Japanese martial art. With his delightful smiling face and rotund belly, Budo resembles a laughing Buddha. But this lighthearted figure also embodies the enlightened spirit a true martial artist seeks through self-discipline and training.

Hand-crafted Budo makes a perfect gift for the Budoka in your life. Place him on your shelf or desk as a reminder to approach life's obstacles with courage, compassion, and joy. Budo's uplifting energy comes from the creator's own experiences training in the dojo. Through long hours of practice, they learned the deeper meaning behind techniques - that true strength comes from within.

Animal Bible Playbook: A Mythic Journey of Love, Loss, and the Birth of Humanity

Experience the magical origin story of humanity in our new tale. Journey with Hu and Hu Hu, twin humans born to yeti parents in the wilderness. Raised amongst mythical creatures like Bigfoots, pandas, and spirits, the twins struggle to find their place.

Follow Hu as he develops the first human written language and falls for a female yeti named Hath. Their forbidden love leads to the birth of Noah, who the high priestess claims has a grand destiny. Meanwhile, Hu Hu studies the mysteries of nature, which holds dangerous secrets. When blocked tombs are opened, flooding and chaos erupts. Young Noah goes missing amidst the turmoil.

In the aftermath of Animal Bible Playbook, Hu and Hu Hu marry and start their own new human family. But where is Noah? Does he hold the key to the destiny of all humankind? This imaginative origin story explores humanity blossoming in the wilds with the help of wildlife and wise spirits. Discover the connections between man and nature through the eyes of magical creatures.

Journey along as the first humans take their first steps, find love, and unravel the mysteries of the world around them. Experience the uplifting beginnings of mankind in this fantastical wilderness tale! Let us transport you to the forest primeval and the tender roots of humanity with this mystical story of Animal Bible Playbook.

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Pyramid Game: A Tetrahedron Challenge

Get ready to challenge your strategic thinking and dexterity with an exciting new pyramid game. This interactive game invites players of all ages to assemble and connect pyramid and tetrahedron pieces into new formations.

To set up, simply follow the easy folding and gluing instructions to construct sturdy pyramids and tetrahedrons from die-cut paper shapes. Once assembled, each player grabs one or more pieces from the central pyramid with the goal of collecting enough to construct their own smaller pyramid.

The first to complete their own pyramid wins the round. With simple rules but endless combinations, this pyramid game encourages creative thinking, focus, and friendly competition. The player with the most wins takes home the pyramid trophy! This hands-on Pyramid game brings out strategic planning, fine motor skills, and engaging fun for all.

The game rules are:

  • Players take turns removing pieces from a central pyramid.

  • The first player is chosen by a coin toss.

  • The first player picks the direction of play.

  • On a turn, a player takes one or more pieces.

  • When a player makes a small pyramid with the pieces they took, they get 1 point.

  • After someone scores, pieces are returned to the central pyramid.

  • The last player to score chooses the direction of play for the next round.

  • Play continues until one player reaches 4 points and wins overall.

There are also notes about playing with intention, inviting feedback, and evolving the game over time. The goal is an open-ended game that promotes creativity.

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Budobudos: Where Creativity Flourishes

At Budobudos, we believe in the power of creativity, imagination, and new perspectives to enrich our lives. Whether you seek thoughtful inspiration, engaging challenges, or mythic adventure, we have something for you.

Our charming Budo figurine captures the enlightened spirit of self-discipline and inner strength. Display him proudly as motivation to overcome obstacles with courage and joy.

For strategic competition that brings people together, our original Pyramid game tests wits and dexterity in a race to build mini pyramids. Simple to learn but endlessly engaging, it makes game night unforgettable.

And for a timeless tale unlike any you've heard, get swept away in our Animal Bible’s fantastical origin story of humanity born in the wilderness and nurtured by mythical creatures. An imaginative journey you won't soon forget.

We hope you'll explore our store and discover products and stories that inspire you to see the world in new ways. Together we can dream bigger, think deeper, and find magic in the everyday.

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